Italy’s range of motorhomes for hire

From 2 berths to 7 berths, there is a wide range of motorhomes available for hire in Italy. Generally, bigger vehicles mean more space and more cost but examine the details before choosing your ride. Some smaller vehicles have excellent layouts which make for a more comfortable home away from home. The small 2 berth vans are great for those who just need a place to lay their head whilst exploring Italy.

1 Berth

2 Berth

2 berth vehicles are more likely to be called campervans, and are common in the southern hemisphere and amongst the more adventurous road trippers. Essentially just converted vans, these have very limited facilities, often only a bed and a simple gas stove. They are great for those on a budget, and intrepid travellers who want to get to meet new friends by using the shared facilities at campgrounds.

2 Berth - Shower and Toilet

These are a step up from the 2 berth sleepervan and are often luxurious. Still built on a van base, they contain sleeping space for two, kitchen facilities and a shower and toilet for improved ablution abilities. The self-contained nature of these allows for free camping where it is legal. 2 Berth STs can be found in petrol or diesel configurations, and with automatic or manual gearboxes. Their small size makes them easy to manoeuvre and allows them to navigate.

3 Berth

A 3-berth motorhome is usually a campervan-style vehicle, so is lightweight and easy to handle. They are great for a family of 2 adults and one child, with one double bed and one single bed. Cooking, bathroom and other facilities range from vehicle to vehicle- some will have shower and toilet facilities, some won’t- so check this before hiring.

4 Berth

These larger motorhomes are generally built on a truck chassis. They have much roomier living quarters than the van-based campervans, and often are configured with a double bed above the cab and a dining area which converts into another. Equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities, these are great for families of up to 4, especially with small children.